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Welcome to Our Live Community


Welcome to RE|STRUCTURED News events, where we invite you to join our community of real estate insiders who share valuable insight, trends, and expertise on the real estate news you need to know.  RE|STRUCTURED’s mission is to make real estate information more accessible and bring the right conversations to the forefront.


Our bi-weekly newsletter has allowed us to connect with groups of people who study, practice, or want to learn more about the industry. Now we're inviting you to take part in these conversations at our live events.


Take a look at our past events, where you can join in on the discussion, and be sure to subscribe to stay tuned for our upcoming events we will be hosting in Los Angeles and across the nation.

Become a Real Estate Insider at Our Live Events

Our Past Events

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January 21, 2023

Los Angeles in 2030: A Conversation on the Future of Real Estate

A live panel tackling Los Angeles’ real estate housing market, from homelessness to affordability, with top noted real estate agents, investors, and advisors. 


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